How to deal with stree during exams

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How to deal with stress during exams
The most difficult thing that a student generally struggles is to stay calm and manage stress before exams. Getting little stressed or anxious is fine but things need to be worked upon if it triggers up to a level where one finds it extremely difficult to concentrate or stay on task.

Here, we share a few tips that can help you manage your stress before the exams begins:

Be Organised – make your to-do list
Plan and begin your revision well in advance, it will make you more confident and less anxious. There is no substitute for doing your work on time and be prepared. Diligently follow your to do list daily.

Clean up your space:
Clean up your desk before and after your study. Studying on a clean and clutter free desk will most likely distract you less and keep you stay focused.

Stick to a routine:
You must adhere to a daily routine for your meals and sleep. Get a good night’s sleep. Early to bed and early to rise is the mantra.

Avoid comparisons:
Do not compare yourself to your peers and strictly avoid discussing how much revision you have done as opposed to your friend. This will not only lower your confidence but would add to your stress.

Exercise regularly:
Any kind of exercise helps to oxygenate the brain and release tension, helping you to keep calm, mentally relaxed and study more efficiently. Run, jog, stretch, practice yoga or go for a short swim but do it regularly and not sparingly.

Eat healthy meals:
Consume more brain food as it stimulates memory. Instead of heavier meals, eat smaller and healthy meals to remain energetic. Avoid high sugar foods and high fat snacks which are unhealthy and make you feel sluggish. Instead of sugary foods, snack on nuts, cottage cheese, fresh fruits, salads, dried fruits, oatmeal, eggs and yogurt. Protein-rich foods improve memory retention, mental alertness, and increase energy levels.

Stay hydrated:
Always sit with a bottle of water on your desk. When your body is well hydrated it enhances the memory and concentration. Consuming liquids like coconut water, milkshakes and fruit juices will nourish and hydrate your body.

Use graphic organizers:
Graphic organizers are a strong tool for learning to clarify, simplify and revise concepts effectively.

Reward yourself – you deserve it!
Don’t forget to reward yourself whenever you achieve your study goals. Reward yourself with mini awards such as watching your favourite TV or a short stroll.

Stay calm and be focused:
Stay focused on your study – Don’t let other things distract or worry you.

Face your stress head on, smile more often and diminish your anxieties.

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