Gateway to Knowledge and Imagination: Reading!

“Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.”
― Charles W. Eliot

How wonderful is the gift of life, friends, teachers and nature! They are the constant support we have in our life and always teach us something on the go! Imagine! How wonderful it would be to have all these qualities in a book! Yes! A book can be our friend, our mentor for life and reading them brings us closer to each other to everyone around us. It opens new avenues of creation, imagination, culture and personality. Keeps us updated towards the society and increases our knowledge bar.

As guardians to young minds, who are at present, forced to be confined to their digital support for knowledge and guidance, we understand how important it is for children to develop a hobby and come out of their shells. Necessity of inculcating reading habits among students is always strongly felt by elders as it increases imagination and builds a strong foundation towards development of language skills, helps to bring out the social skills among students, making them expressive and confident, helps in creating a routine and discipline among students, enhances vocabulary, reduces stress, is a great recreational activity and helps to understand and adjust to the society they live in.

I personally love reading. Do you? The answer may vary from person to person.

But, if you feel tired or bored in between, here are some wonderful tips you can use to make your reading more enjoyable: setting achievable reading goals as per one’s own speed and convenience. Example, 5 or 10 pages per day, finding new words, underlining or highlighting them and finding their meanings to connect better with the content read, personalize the content read, by making drawings and notes, asking a question to oneself while reading, like, is it something I believe in?, comparing the reading to the present social issues and writing summaries based on it. Last but not the least; a creative bookmark will be like cherry on the cake!

So, we really hope these tips help you with improvement of your reading quality and make you grow into a person of knowledge and perseverance.

Happy reading!

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