The distinguishing factor that separates India from other emerging superpowers in the world is its potential: more specifically, its education potential. India’s economic revolution will be ushered in by its more valuable resource: its educated populace. The enrolment in schools and literacy rate of the country is rising, and to provide the country’s growing need for accessible, innovative and educational textbooks is Chetana Publications.

Since our inception in 1975, we have been committed to meeting this need. Taking the help of 500 experts and acknowledged authors, we have 1000+ titles to our credit across hundreds of schools all over. Dedicated teams meticulously work on books covering a wide range of subjects and grades.

We at Chetana strive to achieve excellence in our texts because we believe we have a societal responsibility to provide education across every socio-economic strata, which will further help individuals in our society to be open-minded, successful and progressive, catapulting our society ahead of the rest of the developing world.


“World Education. Indian Ethos.”

Education is a powerful force, with the ability to rise above barriers of caste, creed and ethnicity. It helps to truly transform the world into a global village. Chetana recognizes this, and tries to bring India a modern way of learning. We have pledged to bring a qualitative difference and real change to people by extending education to every child in India, and also abroad through our overseas ventures.


“Invest in education, Invest in India.”

We at Chetana believe that to fulfill our goal of facilitating the economic development and intellectual progress of India, we need to focus on a higher quality of education. We have embedded ourselves in all corporate levels in order to provide cutting-edge education for all. Chetana has become a forerunner in education because of its able leadership, modern updated technology, effective design and content, wide network and top quality implementation.