Blended Learning is here to stay!

The year 2020 can be considered as the year of ‘Blessing in disguise. This year turned the face of the education system; face-to-face learning model to online, school to digital school, classroom to zoom room, class teacher to hi-tech teacher, textbook to e-book, and many more. It also has evolved our learners and their pace of learning has a new definition. There is a school in each home and teachers have entered through zoom rooms.

We know the fact that the primary need for the new invention is the need and we gave a real example to the proverb, ‘Necessity is the mother of Invention’. During the time of the pandemic, it became our need to take school on the digital platform, and as we educators explored and went through the challenging times of upgrading and embracing up-skilling opportunities to cater to the 21st-century generation. The New Education Policy 2020, a revolutionary document acted as a trigger for educators all over the globe, and still, the brainstorming sessions go around to implement the policy in its true sense at every stage; 5+3+3+4.

We have seen that our students have accepted the new age of learning as it allows them to learn at their own space. Though schools are opening in many regions and blended or hybrid learning is followed across the globe. We at Gayatri, have experienced students who are comfortable following blended learning. It has increased their level of understanding and curiosity to explore is enhanced. We use flip classroom techniques which ensure student comprehension and utilizes instructor time efficiently. It has helped us increase student and teacher engagement and creates a safer learning environment. Educators follow multiple methods of instruction from an assortment of perspectives; it proves to have an effective learning outcome for most students involved. For example, English teacher has successfully conducted an online debate on the topic after the explanation, the History teacher has executed a role play to portrait Hitler’s terror during Russian Revolution, Science teacher treats every kitchen as a chemistry lab and every garden is turned into Biology lab and the physics lab as per the need and are using resources effectively. It also allows teachers to reach out to more students at a stretch with a lot of time flexibility. In this students are allowed to attain a real-time class and can complete online multimedia coursework. It is turning out to be a more rich engaging approach that is going to stay for long in our educational system. It is ensuring students’ performance and ultimately leads to student-teacher satisfaction.

Blended Learning is the new normal comprised of face-to-face traditional teaching and including online instruction, supported by a technology framework that helps teachers organize course content, communication, and common workflows. It promotes learners to set appropriate learning goals as well as helps them to be responsible for their own learning. It brings flexibility for students to customize their learning experiences.

Mrs. Kajal Chhatija
Executive Director, SVSPM’S Gayatri Group of Schools
Founder, EduDrone – WE CONNECT,

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