App-based Learning

In this technologically advanced world, the means to learn and gather information have evolved rapidly. The latest and most convenient way to access information is on your phone, especially through applications. Apps provide a better and more engaging way to impart education. Using apps makes learning fun and easily accessible to both students as well as parents.

We at Chetana are pleased to present to you an App that is specifically designed in your School’s Name. It is pre-loaded with books and enhances the teaching-learning experience for students, teachers and parents.

Besides the pre-loaded books and content, it also allows for interactive learning through animations and worksheets. The app can be accessed by parents as well, facilitating collaboration between parents, teachers and students.

The special features that help disseminate students’ learning are:

  • No need of internet connectivity after the first time.
  • Parental access
  • Pre-loaded books and content
  • Interactive learning through animations and worksheets
  • A schedule of activities – to help schedule assessments, tests, projects, activities
  • Lesson plans with digital support

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